Got Set Up — What I Needed to Know

Vanessa Ott
1 min readDec 1, 2020

30 Nov 2020

Today I overcame all my confusion about the different tools (and logins) I’ll be using during this learning process with GameDevHQ.

Unity Hub — “The world’s leading real-time 3D development platform.” For class purposes, we were to install the “personal” version of Unity hub, and unpacked the Filebase Unity package.

Slack — Communications software that enables all participants in a company, and it’s respective departments or project teams to communicate in “channels.” Channels operate much like discussion threads in something like Google Groups or Yahoo Groups. In Slack, all the discussions and files about a project in one place: a channel.

Medium — This is a blogging medium. Each work day, we are to write a summary of progress, project, or learning, and post it in our blog space. Mine is at:

Google Account — We have a company assigned Google account. Mine is

GameDevHQ — Daily check in form. I think this is a form residing in a GameDevHQ Google folder. After each morning and evening check-in video meeting, we are to complete this form.

The heart of the learning are the GameDevHQ tutorials at

Once I get signed up with Altres, I’ll have to install the Symphony HR software, so I can clock in and out with the company that is going to be issuing the interns’ paychecks. Altres is going to communicate via my personal email address: